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Disclaimer If you are here to buy the disk, then you must read all of the following... Any titles that you purchase from us, you claim to currently own and would like us to protect it from damage, accidental or otherwise. These duplications are allowed under the copyright law, and you are entitled to this service by law. This company will not be held accountable for the purchasers use. If you imply piracy, we cannot legally serve you, and we hold no liability for anything, you - the purchaser, will do with the disk purchased from us. Upon purchasing any disk from us, you are stating that you own the original copy of that title, and are paying us to supply you with a duplicate of it. If you imply to us that you do not own the original copy of the disk, then we cannot provide to you our services, as you have no legal rights to own it. By complying with these regulations, it allows us - as the service provider to duplicate and you - as a consumer, to receive the right of service to protect your original disk. Please note, we do not condone piracy, but we do recognize the ever-growing need of customers wanting to protect valuable originals. All DVD copies are for backup purpose only. Any non-original titles that you purchase or trade, you claim to currently own and would like the seller to protect it from damage, accidental or otherwise. Seller is not responsible if buyer uses them for any other uses.